About the Artists

� The process of creating the class cube begins in September of Senior Year and is an ongoing process until the end of May.
� It is important to start early to allow enough time to decide content, collect materials, and formulate an overall design.
� The block should be filled early enough to allow time to reflect on the design before making it a permanent fixture.

� Gather material that signifies the past three years and consider, as the year progresses, what may best represent your senior year.
� Be careful in distinguishing between events that happened during your entire four years at Stuyvesant and ones that have specifically defined your grade � you want to focus on items that have not and will not be used by other graduating classes. Items should mostly reflect events from Senior Year.
� Take a good look at how the earlier cubes have been filled. What goes in can be a legacy for years to come. What might you want to see at your 10th or 25th reunion?
� Build a consensus among students class and make the filling of the cube an event!
� Consider how you will fundraise for costs associated with your cube.
• Try to reach out to teachers to assist in construction and engineering, and consult the appropriate student guides for advice in these areas.
Bắn cá đổi thưởng vui nhộn • When you are finished you will leave a very special memento as a gift for the Stuyvesant of the future.


Principal's Cabinet

When you are ready to fill your cube, contact the Principal's office and request access to the Mnemonics cabinet. You will need a ladder to get up to the cabinet. Open the latches and gently tilt the front out. In this cabinet you will find the following items necessary for filling your block:
• Floor plan showing your class block's location.
• Written instructions, including technical and artistic guides.
• Tools.
• Special fasteners.

Technical Tips
� Use archival adhesives, tape, and materials--see "Student Guide" in principal's cabinet for suggestions!
� Select contents which will last for at least 100 years
� You can hang things from the stainless steel interior standoffs
� Use the multiple surfaces to place things
� Be careful in the removal of the glass so as to not misplace any washers or bolts, etc.
� Don't forget to add the screws!


The interior dimensions are: 6-3/4 inches x 6-3/4 inches x 3 inches

Advice From Past Cube Committees
Class of 'O8:
Senior President: Michelle Lee
Senior Vice-President: Lauren Gonzalez
Cube Coordinator: Jamila Ma
Cube Committee: • Ezra Glenn • Yara Kass-Gergi • Prameet Kumar
• Snigdha Sur • Huili Zhu • Marta Bralic
� Try to focus your cube design around a central theme�follow the example set by Jones and Ginzel in making the old Stuy cubes very well put together and aesthetically interesting. Think about arrangement, design, colors, etc. For example, the class of 2008 was the 100th graduating class, and the main items were arranged to spell "100."
• An interesting concept for the Block Party is to have cube-shaped or square-shaped refreshments: ice cubes, starburst, cheese, crackers, etc.
• It is infinitely helpful to have a diverse Cube Committee that is heavily involved in school activities as well as major student organizations in Stuyvesant—Student Union, the Spectator, Arista, etc.

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